1.18 Vanilla Hardcore Anarchy Server

Anarchy server dedicated to hardcore multiplayer survival! The underrated way to play Minecraft.

IP: play.hardcore-essence.com

Hardcore Essence is an anarchy server dedicated to hardcore multiplayer survival! The server is set to the hardest difficulty and there is a 24HR death ban! You start with nothing so make the best of your situation! Keep in mind PVP & griefing are allowed. Do you have what it takes to make a name for yourself in the harshest environment? This is a challenge only for the toughest. Will you survive?

Hardcore Essence is an anarchy server dedicated to hardcore multiplayer survival! However, in order to provide a fair playing field/experience for everyone we enforce 3 particular rules to make sure the game is played as intended. If a player is found breaking any of these rules, staff will take the proper actions to resolve the issues. If you are interested in learning more about our ban policy and the appeals process, check out this page. We recognize some client modifications do not provide an unfair advantage over other players. For this reason, we curated a list of allowed client mods which you can use without risk of punishment. For more information and to see the list of mods, see this page.

You can donate to receive an assortment of perks to enhance your in-game experience on our servers! All received donations are used to fund maintenance and upkeep. We are always trying to provide a better experience for all our players. We are very grateful for all contributions and are happy to give you exclusive access to perks and cosmetics as a thank-you for supporting our server. Need help or have questions? Please join our Discord server: Hardcore Essence Discord

Voting is a completely free way to support the server & earn tons of rewards! To show our appreciation for your votes, we have created a milestone system. The milestone system is setup to reward you for the more votes you have! You can view all of the voting rewards & ranks at this page.

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