IP: play.hardcore-essence.com

Hardcore Essence is a server dedicated to hardcore multiplayer survival! The server is set to the hardest difficulty and there is a 24HR deathban! You start with nothing so make the best of your situation! Keep in mind PVP & Griefing are allowed. Do you have what it takes to make a name for yourself in the harshest environment? This is a challenge only for the toughest. Will you survive?


  • Respect other players!

  • No advertising in any form!

  • No lag machines, inappropriate buildings or autofarms.

  • Hacked clients and x-ray packs are NOT allowed.

  • MACROS/DUPES are NOT allowed.

  • Do not SPAM/type in all CAPS!

  • Real money transactions are not allowed in game. (excluding donations)

  • Do not Combat Log during pvp.

  • If you are banned, muted, etc do NOT join on an alt. You will be banned for evading.

  • Do not grief spawn/make it harder for people to leave.

  • Do not spawn camp!

Top 10 players, based on survival time.